A crypto wallet built for women to invest in digital currencies.


“It’s been estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of the people currently investing in Bitcoin are female” –


18.8 million bitcoins have been released of the total 21 million that will ever be released, and with the price of 1 bitcoin already sitting at approximately USD $40,071.80, we feel that women have missed a huge opportunity to grow their wealth in this new industry.


Compared to men, women have had less exposure to cryptocurrencies, and as a result, they occupy fewer positions in the cryptocurrency industry.


Furthermore, women have been noticeably less influential in the building, marketing, funding and driving of the crypto industry.

At Clutch, we believe that the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will continue to transform the global economy and traditional financial market. Influencing culture, digital interactions and identity, this industry and investment class exists on the bleeding edge of finance, propelling us toward a future that is transparent, and accessible.


The first product experience in crypto is often a wallet, and here at Clutch, we want the inception of women entering crypto to be education, nurtured, simplified, void of fear and centered around community.


Clutch is the purse in her hand that represents women’s opportunity.


It is the clutch engaging women into this industry.


And it is “clutch” for women that a wallet is being built specifically for them.  

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