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The merge FINALLY happened, watch party and all 🥳, Terra founder Do Kwon is in more hot water with an arrest warrant filed in South Korea🔥💧, and Gary Gensler is finding his strength as cryptocurrency advances👩🏻‍⚖️. In Clutch news, we’re promoting another way to stay up-to-date with all our Clutch news😉. Community updates this week include EveWealth sign-ups for their 16th cohort and an upcoming MyBFF talk about fashion in web3. 

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The merge is finally here 🐼, Do Kwon has a warrant out for his arrest ⚖️, Gensler has a Google news alert for crypto🔔

The merge is finally here 🐼, Do Kwon has a warrant out for his arrest ⚖️, Gensler has a Google news alert for crypto🔔

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Crypto News

Yes. The merge is finally here.

Thursday, at 2:42 am EST Ethereum transitioned from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. We can expect the most used blockchain, with its vibrant digital economy, to consume 99.9% less energy. Unsurprisingly, miners have shifted focus to mining on Ethereum Classic and Ravencoin. Despite this and the recent downturn of the market, there is hope that Ethereum will gain widespread institutional adoption

­ Do Kwon is not okay.

An arrest warrant was issued in South Korea for Terra co-founder Do Kwon who is believed to be in hiding. South Korea also filed a Red Notice request with Interpol for his arrest. The blockchain protocol crashed in May when its stablecoin lost its USD peg and its sister asset, LUNA classic collapsed. However, Do Kwon says he is NOT on the run and looks forward to clarifying the truth in the next couple of months.

The first PoS NFT transaction on Ethereum was recorded 4 seconds after the merge.

Immediately after the merge, a user spent 36 ETH ($53,403.13) on an NFT bearing a panda face, a symbol of the merge. NFT artist Beeple also created a giant panda cyborg NFT to celebrate the merge. Lifestyle brand Bloom dropped 3,003 anime-style avatar NFTs claiming to be the first collection to mint on the PoS era of Ethereum.” 

The SEC lays out more plans for regulating cryptocurrency focusing on Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Gary Gensler said Thursday that staked cryptocurrencies may fall under securities regulations. Gensler didn’t specify a coin, but his announcement came hours after Ethereum completed the merge. Issuers of securities are bound to strict rules designed to protect investors from conflict of interest. If cryptocurrencies are categorized as securities, they can face liabilities by the SEC or court system. 

Peace out, paper hands.

Bitcoin (BTC) is down 13.56%, and Ethereum (ETH) is down 21.8%. Many blame the negativity in the market on the U.S. Federal Reserve making it clear they are going to increase interest rates again in their upcoming meeting on Wednesday

Community Update

Eve Wealth Cohort 16 Sign-Ups are Open.

Eve is a wealth-building community with a feminine lens. Sign up for their 16th cohort and be in the know with access to crypto education and financial guides. Here‘s a layout of their courses: Intro, Finance 101, Portfolio construction, DeFi curious, Deal Flow & Diligence, Alt investing, Impact, and Graduation. 

Upcoming Events

MyBFF Twitter Space: The Value of Digital Fashion and Lifestyle

Date: Friday, September 23

Time: 1:00 pm EST

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