Topic 3: Defi: What’s the use?

Topic 3 Defi: What’s the use? Introduction We have covered how Decentralized Finance differs from Traditional Finance and the history of DeFi, and you may be thinking “What’s the use?” The use is where DeFi and TradFi overlap. They have similar use cases, including borrowing, lending, trading, buying insurance and derivatives, and creating a savings… Continue reading Topic 3: Defi: What’s the use?

Topic 2: A Brief History of DeFI

Topic 2 A brief history of DeFi Introduction Describing the history of Decentralized Finance is like describing the history of a five-year-old. Similar to how a five-year-old experiences major milestones early on, DeFi advanced quickly since its public release. Some say that DeFi started with Bitcoin in 2009. Others believe Bitcoin enabled the start, but… Continue reading Topic 2: A Brief History of DeFI

Topic 1: Defining DeFi

Topic 1 Defining DeFi Introduction When ordering a Venti Vanilla Latte, skinny with oat milk and an extra shot, from your perspective, it’s a quick and easy transaction. You ask for a drink, the cashier subtly gives you side-eye, tells you the total, and you swipe your card. What you may not think about is… Continue reading Topic 1: Defining DeFi