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Tiffany's NFT game STRONG, SOL hacked, Coinbase & BlackRock boo'd up

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None of us need to be reminded that Kim and Pete broke up… 


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Crypto News

Diamonds really are forever in Tiffany’s NFT drop to CryptoPunk holders.

Tiffany and Co. debuted their NFTs this week with only 250 available for mint at 30 ETH ($51K) each. Once minted, CryptoPunk holders received a physical custom pendant and an NFT resembling their CryptoPunk. All “NFTiffs” were released on Friday and sold out within the hour, earning Tiffany $12.5 million

Crypto bridge Nomad loses $190 million to attackers.

On Monday, the startup’s smart contract was compromised. Nomad responded Tuesday and said they were working with law enforcement to trace and recover the funds. On Thursday, Nomad offered a 10% bounty to any hackers that return 90% of the total funds they hacked. 

Anotha one. Solana hack results in multi-million dollar losses.

Thousands of Solana users were drained of their funds, estimated at $5 million. On Tuesday, Solana concluded the source of the problem was Slope’s wallet app. Some attribute the breach to Slope storing users’ private keys on a centralized database. Slope released a statement that they are still investigating. 

Coinbase shares on the mend after partnering with BlackRock.

Coinbase announced Thursday they are partnering with BlackRock, an investment management company. This partnership will give institutional investors access to crypto trading, prime brokerage, and reporting capabilities. Coinbase shares (COIN) went up 31% after the announcement. This news comes a week after Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment sold over 1.4 million shares of COIN.

Meta expanding NFTs to 100 countries on Insta.

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the expansion on Thursday. After a testing phase, Instagram users can showcase their NFTs in certain countries. Instagram is now integrated with Coinbase and Dapper and plans to support the Flow blockchain. 

Community Update

Building a company in a bear market

This past week we chatted with our friends at CocoNFT about building a company in a bear market. This is what we covered:
Reid Robinson and, our own, Bec Jones were asked what they wish they knew before starting their own company. This is what was covered:


  • The problems they are confronting in a volatile market
  • The challenges of raising capital in a bear market/managing runway
  • Managing customer sentiment
  • Building in a bear market vs. a bull market
  • The benefits of using Clutch Wallet over other hot wallets
  • The future of crypto wallets and what needs to be improved
  • Advice for people building during this time


For the full spaces recording, you can listen here!

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Date/time: Thursday, August 11th | 1 – 2pm  

Topic:  Hot Wallets, Knowing When to Use Them

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