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Welcome to Clutch’s weekly Pocket News. 👛 This week in Crypto News, Mango Markets give an exploiter a $47 million “bug bounty”🪲, Ethereum launches Shanghai testnet🚀, and Anthony Hopkins debuts his NFTs🏆. In Clutch News, we have more details about our Art Basel Miami Getaway and a recap of Bec’s MyBFF Twitter Space. In community updates, HerHouse is hosting an event for people interested in working in Web3 and MyBFF has an upcoming Twitter space on NFT inclusivity. 

Clutch Wallet

A non-custodial social wallet offering users an all-encompassing transacting experience underpinned by social, media, education, and seamless web3 integration.

Mango Markets exploited🔓, Ethereum launches Shanghai testnet🚀, Anthony Hopkins drops NFTs🖼


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Clutch Getaway during Art Basel Weekend – DCentral Miami

Don’t miss out! DCentral Miami is on the horizon and we want you and your bestie to go, all expenses paid. Every detail will be dropping next week on our Instagram! 

My BFF Twitter Space: Exploring Web3 Entrepreneurship

 Bec talked to MyBFF about entrepreneurship in Web3. What she covers:
  • Why build Clutch Wallet?
  • Her big Aha moment
  • Clutch’s switch to a more inclusive approach
  • TikTok promotion
  • Our focus during a bear market


  Check out the recording here!

Crypto News

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Mango Markets Exploit Plot Reveal and Return

The group that took $112 million from Mango Markets came forward to defend their actions calling it a “highly profitable trading strategy.” Avraham Eisenberg stated in a tweet that the developers should have anticipated the consequences of their protocol’s parameters. The trading platform’s DAO have voted that Eisenberg is allowed to keep $47 million as a “bug bounty” and the rest will be sent back to the treasury. Still waiting on my “bug bounty” from AirBnB. 

Ethereum launches testnet for the Shanghai update.

Ethereum’s Shanghai update’s “Shandong” testnet launch makes Ethereum one step closer to Staked Eth withdrawals and lower gas fees. The next major upgrades expected over the next several years are the Surge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge

Hello, Clarice…Anthony Hopkins' NFT collection sells out in under 10 minutes.

The Oscar-winning actor’s “The Eternal Collection” totaling 1000 NFTs sold out on OpenSea minutes after its debut on Thursday. The original art pieces were inspired by Hopkins’ career spanning several decades. Some NFTs came with perks including a one-on-one brunch with Hopkins and autographed prints of the artwork. 

Decentraland's annual Metaverse Music Festival includes Ozzy Osbourne, Souljaboy, and Dillon Francis..

The world’s largest user-owned and operated virtual social world is hosting their second annual Metaverse Music Festival from November 10-13. This event is free and does not require a ticket or a special head set to experience. You can save the date here


No bats will be harmed IRL. 

Markets, wyd?

Bitcoin(BTC) is up 1.33%, and Ethereum (ETH) is up 2.35%. Bitcoin hit a high of $19,882.47, while Ethereum hit a high of $1,339.09. The market has been relatively flat this past week. 

Community Update

HerHouse is having Office Hours for people who want to work in Web3

HerHouse is a Web3 ecosystem of women and non-binary builders collaborating to launch and scale growth. Sign up for a one-on-one with the Web3 hiring teams this Thursday!

Reach out to HerHouse here.

Upcoming Events

MyBFF Twitter Spaces: NFTs for Good: Exploring Access, Equity, and Innovation

Date: Thursday, October 19

Time: 6:00-7:00 pm ET

Check it out here!

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Nargiza Schmidt