The fastest way to make and list an NFT on Opensea

This is for all my creatives, artists, hustlers and people creating value in the world. NFTs are a wonderful technology that allow you to capture the value of something and make money from that value you have created. 

17 Steps taking you from 0 to hero

What you need before you get started:


  • A crypto wallet. 
  • Ethereum. 
  • A digital asset to make an NFT with. 
  • A profile on OpenSea. 
Watch Bec go through the process in this tutorial video. 

View Tutorial Video

Listen to Bec go through the process on TikTok

Step 1: Visit Opensea

Visit –

Step 2: Connect your wallet

If you’ve never connected your wallet to Opensea before, and/or aren’t logged in to your wallet at the time you access Opensea, simply click the ‘wallet icon’ in the top right corner and follow the prompts to connect.

Step 3: Verify your wallet connection with ‘signature request’

Don’t be alarmed, this is normal. Be sure to check that you are visiting the official Opensea site. 

Step 4: Click on ‘create’ to start making your NFT

Step 5: Add your digital asset

Remember, it can be anything in digital format but be sure it is in one of the below formats mentioned. 

Step 6: Name your NFT asset

This will be its title so make it a good one! 

Step 7: Add an external link to provide

External links can take your buyer to a website or space where there is more information available. 

Step 8: Populate description

Step 9: Add to collection

If this is your first piece, Opensea will automatically start you with a collection that you can add to later. 

Step 10: Input properties, levels and stats

This feature is great if you have a collection with very similar styles and small nuanced differences in design. For the Art and profile picture space. it’s common to have ‘traits’ and thus the below section allows you to add numerical values to each trait. 

Step 11: Link any unlockable content

Unlockable content is a cool feature if you want to add any more perks to your asset. E.g. If you have an art piece you are selling, you might add the draft in unlockable content for the buyer. 

Step 12: Set supply

You might decide to make 100 of the one asset, in which case, you can adjust the supply number of your NFT. 

Step 13: Choose blockchain

Choose the blockchain you would like to mint the NFT on.



  • This is the blockchain you will pay a gas fee for minting on.
  • Ethereum is the most commonly used, however, it’s more expensive compared to Polygon.
  • The reason people choose to ‘mint’ on Ethereum is because it’s the most active blockchain by way of user transactions, and projects.

Step 14: Click ‘create’

Step 15: Click sell

This landing page provides a summary of the NFT you are minting. Press ‘Sell’ in the top right-hand corner to process. 

Step 16: Set pricing information

The price and type of sale you set on your NFT is completely up to you. You can launch with a timed auction where people will bid for your NFT or you can set a fixed price. 


Choose your option and follow the prompts.

Step 17: Pay gas fee

The final stage to completing your listing is paying the gas fee. 


In 2022 Q1, the general gas fee price is approx. $80-$120. As layer 2 solutions become more prominent, this fee will reduce.


VOILA, you are an NFT creator.

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