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Breaking down this complex industry one block at a time

How we help

Due to its complexity, the Cryptocurrency industry can be intimidating, however, it doesn’t need to be. Our mission is to bring more women into crypto through education and an inclusive community.


Our content is suited to both first-time users who want to learn everything they can before diving into the exciting work of digital currencies, and more experienced crypto-users who want to stay on top of the industry’s latest news.


Modules are learning programs exploring a topic in depth.


Guides are a quick & easy way to understand topics.


Our Modules are designed to educate you on everything from how the industry started and the basics of blockchain, to smart contracts and how to invest into some of the industry’s best tokens.


Our guides will help you take action on everything you’ve learned. From opening accounts and making your first investment to making NFT’s, and earning crypto for learning, we cover it all.

Our Why

Our research shows overwhelming feedback that women in particular want more education around crypto to help them invest in it.


There is room for improvement in how the crypto industry is explained to women. In particular, there is a major opportunity to provide content that resonates more strongly with the female experience, their relationship with money and the way in which they invest it.

“I don’t get it”

“It’s too confusing”

“I’m sick of being mansplained crypto”

“There is so much to get across to understand this, I don’t know where to start”

The Opportunity

There are a number of women leading, speaking, investing and building in this industry who can help to guide and inform the female experience, and as part of our educational content, we hope to share their voices and continue connecting women with women as they enter into crypto.

Major Topics and Cryptocurrencies

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