How To Get Started In Crypto


I get these questions a lot – “how do I get started with crypto? Where do I go? What should I do?”.

To answer these questions, we have 6 easy steps to follow that will cover education, the right tools to use, the communities you should join, and lastly, the actions you can take right this second to get started.

Let’s jump in!

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Step 1 - Preparation

Before you start downloading apps, undertake some basic prep.


  • Make a folder on your phone and call it ‘Crypto’. This will serve as the home for all of your crypto apps.
  • Set yourself up with a password manager, like Keeper Password Manager, or Last Pass.


It’s likely that you’ll also use your desktop to research and transact. To stay organized, bookmark your favorite sites so you can easily access them in the future.

Step 2 - Tools and Apps

The crypto space is still very new, and there’s a lot of innovation happening (new tools being released every year), but here are my top picks.

Step 3 - Following the right people on Twitter

Crypto Twitter is really ‘something else’. You’ll see the good, the bad, and the ugly…


To save you some time, I spent my post-Christmas Sunday organizing my Twitter list so you can easily follow great crypto commentators.


  1. Go to my handle, @becejones.
  2. Click the ellipsis (…) and select View Lists.
  3. Select ‘Blckchain/Crypt/investing’.
  4. View list members and follow these people.

Step 4 - Communities

I strongly encourage you to join and participate in at least two communities because the crypto industry revolves around these online spaces. They can be great for asking questions, finding interesting investment opportunities, and helping you learn about the latest developments in the industry.  


As a starting point, check out our Discord group


Here are some other great Discord groups:


Step 5 - Understanding the basics

You’ve got everything organized, you know where to go and who to follow…now is where it starts getting fun!


Here are some of the basic topics/questions you should start researching and asking people in your communities about.


  • What is crypto?
  • What is a blockchain? 
  • What is the difference between tokens and coins? 


If you’re a visual/video person, try these:


Step 6 - Invest!

Armed with education, community, and the right tools, you are ready to invest. Not sure what to invest in? Perhaps start with a major token like Ethereum, or have some fun and buy an NFT!


The sky is the limit.

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